Frequently asked questions

1 - Do you offer saddle test?


For a test to be truly useful, it is necessary that the saddle has a seat size adapted to the rider and a withers width adapted to the horse.

Imagine that you want to buy some shoes ... You want sneakers in size 40. The seller proposes you to try some pumps in size 38 ... The test will serve no purpose ... And even if they make you try the right sneakers in the right size on a few steps, who can say that you will not have blisters after several hours of walking?

And it's the same thing for the saddles, you have to try the right model, in the right size (horse side AND rider side), with the right options, and this for several hours.

To know if a saddle perfectly fits to your horse and you, 1 or 2 hours of testing of a new saddle is not enough.

A new saddle will change a lot in his first 5 to 10 hours of use.

A saddle can look perfect the first time, and be totally unsuitable after a few hours, and vice versa.

A saddle therefore must be tried at least 10 hours to make sure it really fits or not to the horse as the rider.

We offer for sale a hundred models of saddles, all available with till 7 withers width, till 7 seat sizes, and with an infinite variety of other customizations...!

It is therefore impossible to have each model of test saddles available in each sizes combination and with all the possible options... It would represent thousands of test saddles! 

It is also inconceivable to make a saddle according customers tastes (seat size, withers width, colors, etc) with a manufacturing time between 2 weeks and 4 months according to the manufacturer, try a dozen hours and return it if it does not fit....

Thank you for your understanding.

2 - Do you travel home to take measurements of the horse and try the saddle?


Home moving services for taking measurements and saddle test are offered by saddles manufacturers themselves, usually very high-quality, for custom-made saddles sold in general a minimum of 3,000€. The margin is thus comfortable enough to cover the cost of home moving service.

For simple saddles retailers, margins are extremely small, and therefore does not cover the costs incurred by a home moving service.

The saddles that we sell are not made on measures, it is "adaptable standardized", simply provide the seat size desired, thewide head and some photos of the horse to help the saddler to fit the best the saddle to the morphology of the horse. But it is not 100% on measures.

You will find on our website all the tools to help you to choose the right measures.

3 - What are the shipping cost?

See our SHIPPING page.

4 - What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments by:

- SECURED CREDIT CARD (countries from the EURO zone only)



We do not ship parcel until it is paid in full.

We do not send in rebate-cons, nor accept the checks.

5 - I want to pay by bank wire, how to do?

Simply choose the payment method of your choice, and after confirming the order you will receive an automatic email with all the necessary informations for payment.

6 - Shall I be notified of the shipment of my package?


The day of sending your package you will receive an automatic email containing the tracking number of the parcel.  

You can also find this information by logging into your account.

If you do not receive our automatics emails, please check that they are not in the junk mail (spam).

All our parcels are sent by La Poste with Colissimo Expert system, and you are supplied and hand delivered against signature, by your factor.

You can track your shipments on La Poste website:

7 - What is the delivery time?

The availability of all the items is indicated on the website, just above the "add to cart button".

In Stock: Product is available now and will ship to you as soon as possible (generally within 1 to 2 worked days).

Out of stock :The product is out of stock, it is removed from sale until its return to our warehouses.

By ordering only: for saddles and equipment of the rider.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like an article in a quantity exceeding our stock for we look for a solution together.

If all of ordered items are in stock, your order will be shipped in the shortest time, we do our best to send the parcels within 24/48 working hours after the order, in any case within a maximum period of 10 days. 

Debit is immediate when payment via Credit Card, we can not defer the date of debit.

When paying bank wire it takes an average of 2 to 7 days to receive and cash the payment.

Add to that the delivery time,  which is

48 worked hours for a shipment to France, Monaco and Andorra;

3 to 5 worked days for the European Union and Switzerland;  

3 to 10 worked days for other destinations.

All packages are sent by La Poste with a tracking number and delivery against signature only.

If absent during delivery, your postman will drop you off in your mailbox a "calling card" and you will have 15 days to pick up your order at the post office, armed with your "calling card" and an ID.

NB : In case of unavailability of one or several items, and / or when you ordered products are labeled "by ordering only" the entire parcel will be shipped when all products will be available.

8 – My order is more than 10 days, and I still received nothing, why?

The entire order is shipped when all items ordered are available.

Did you verified that this is not one or more sections labeled "by ordering only "?

The time varies then about 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the product, the availability of raw materials, the times of the year, etc..

This applies to all saddles, all the clothes, hats, boots, chaps, half-chaps, and some other items "isolated ".... unless otherwise noted on the website.

We always do our best to serve you as soon as possible, but it is not our responsability,please note that the announced manufacturind times are for informational purposes only and are by no means guaranteed!

Thank you in advance for your patience and your understanding.

9 - I would like an invoice for my purchase, how?

Ecological purposes, to avoid unnecessary waste of paper, we have decided to no longer routinely provide a paper bill in the package.

If you need an invoice, you simply log into your account and click on "view orders I made", you can then print all the bills you want.

10 - I received my order but it does not meet my expectations, what to do?

See article " 7 – DROIT DE RÉTRACTATION ET RETOURS " of our general conditions of sale.

11 - I would like to pay my order several times, is it possible?


We are sorry, we do not offer this service.

There are consumer credit agencies that can help you finance your purchases.

12 - I would like to visit you, do you have a store?


We are an online saddlery only, we do not have any shop or depository open to public.

13 - With all these stories of internet fraud, can I trust you?

The Sellerie La Garrocha is a french individual enterprise, property of Mr TOURNE Thierry, registered in the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés"* (RCS) of Castres on May 11, 2005 under SIREN number 482 151 479, 

then transferred on RCS of Agen on January 19, 2010.

Just visit the official website of the "Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés" "" to check our real existence!

* Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés = trade and companies register

14 - Will you send my details to other organizations?


So you can enter without fear on our site, you will be contacted either by phone or by mail or by mail, by organizations other than us!

Your contact information is requested that you do to serve you best and contact you when necessary regarding an order...

Nothing more...

It is very important and safe that you provide your real contact information.

15 - I do not manage to make my credit card payment, why?

We use the 3D Secure security system.

This system assures the security of the consumer, by preventing the use of a stolen credit card, by asking the transmitter of the payment for a secret code proving that it is the owner of the used credit card.

When you choose payment by credit card, you arrive first of all on the page of the platform of payment of the Crédit Agricole (our bank) where we ask you as usual for the 16 numbers of your card, the expiry date and the visual cryptogram of 3 numbers in the back of the card.

Then, a new page has to display, this time of your bank, asking you for a safety code.

It is what is called the 3D Secure system.

This code varies according to your bank, it can be or a unique secret code which you defined with your bank and which will be of use to you for all your transactions on all the websites using the 3D Secure system (low authentification), or a unique code for each transaction sent by SMS or by e-mail (strong authentification)...

Once this safety code was brought in, you have to have an automatic return on our site with the following message: "your order in well registered and will be treated as soon as possible. Thank you for your purchase! ".

If you meet a problem as we ask you for the 3D Secure secret code, contact your bank to see if this service is activated on your account and/or the modalities of use. This service is free.

The 3D Secure system guarantees the security of the consumer, and tends to develop, although France is still late. In 2013 it is used by only 22 % of the French retail websites against 40 % of German retail websites and 68 % of the Belgian retail websites. At the international level, this system is used by 40 % of retail websites.

16 - Are your saddles sold with equipment?

No... unless otherwise stated explicitely.

Vaquera, western, camargue and maremmano saddles are usually sold WITH equipment (unless otherwise stated) because according to the tradition, the harness has to follow a very strict code, the choice is thus not left to the user.

English, Spanish, Portuguese and Amazon saddles are usually sold WITHOUT equipment (unless otherwise stated) as the traditional code is more varied or even free, so the user can choose their equipment more freely according to their taste and budget.

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