How to maintain swede leather and nubuck?


No glycerin soap, no grease.

The use of grease or any other fatty substance is antagonistic with the aim of the swede leather, not to slip into the saddle.

The use of a nourishing product will help the accumulation of dirt, so this face must remain relatively dry.

When the swede leather becomes shiny, we tend to believe that it is wear and tear but it is not.

Just use from time to time to very fine abrasive paper, a crepe brush or a special rubber provided for this purpose to extract the impurities that make the leather smooth and slippery.

And if you really want to feed this face, there are specific products.

The greasy spots can be blurred with"terre de Sommières" or talc.

Applying a waterproofing agent will protect the swede leather against water and stains (to be done before first use).

Brushes and products are often used for swede or nubuck shoes, so you will find them in shoes shops, shoemakers, leather goods shops, supermarkets...

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