About the colors of leather  

It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain that colored leather articles (other than black therefore) are perfectly identical.

Leather is a living material. Depending on the type of skin (croupon, box-calf, cowhide, swede leather...), depending on the type of tanning (vegetable or mineral), depending on the time of year (temperature more or less warm, humidity more or less high....), depending on the animal, the dye will react differently and it is impossible to reproduce voluntarily exactly the same hue from one skin to another. A riding saddle is made from various types of leather depending on the parts of the saddle. Thus, on the same saddle, the seat, the flaps, the knee-pads, the panels, the billets, are made of leathers of different kinds according to the characteristics sought for the function of the part in question, and these leathers may come from several animals, and several tanneries. These various parts are therefore made of colors of the same "RANGE" but it is IMPOSSIBLE that they are exactly of the same "SHADE".

For a group of products (bridle, saddle, girth, reins ...) we always talk about a COLOR RANGE, a color range includes SHADES. For example, a london bridle, a london saddle and a london girth, are all of the "london range" but these items will always be of several shades of london, including the saddle itself which will present various nuances of london according to the parts as we have seen above.

In addition, the color previews shown in pictures are INDICATIVE. The perception of the actual color may vary depending on the settings of your screen or even depending the perception of the colors of each eye. An exact 100% match between the color preview picture and the actual color is IMPOSSIBLE.

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