We only accept payments by:

- credit card

- bank transfer (Euro zone only)


- payment by SECURE CREDIT CARD - EURO zone only

via the Crédit Agricole secure payment platform with the 3D Secure system.

Payment is completely secure thanks to the online payment system of our bank Crédit Agricole.

Your banking data only circulates on the Internet in encrypted form, meaning that it is coded in such a way as to make it completely unreadable. When you connect to the online payment site at the end of your order, you will see the padlock appear in your browser, telling you that the transaction is secure.

Finally, the confidential data of your payment method is never in our possession; only our bank has it to carry out banking transactions to your bank.



Current year 2021: The standards for online payment are evolving.

The new strong authentication system imposed by the European PSD2 directive is becoming mandatory, and is gradually being implemented by the various banks.


The French Banking Federation (FBF) indicates that (source www.fbf.fr):

Strong authentication involves, when purchasing online, validating two of the following elements:

- Information that only you know (secret code, password);

- The use of a device that you own (telephone, computer, box provided by the bank);

- A personal characteristic (fingerprint, facial recognition).


For customers who do not have a smartphone, banks offer alternative solutions such as the use of a single-use SMS coupled with a password known by the customer, or the use of a dedicated physical device .

Strong authentication aims to strengthen payment security for consumers, and it is essential to be able to offer solutions to all customers.


In the event of difficulty during payment, you must contact your bank, which is the only one authorized to help you.


- payment by BANK TRANSFER - EURO zone only

the information necessary for payment will be sent to you by email following your online order



Any other means of payment (in particular but not exclusively check, paypal, cash on delivery, money order, etc.) will be systematically refused.

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We do NOT accept payment in installments.

We do NOT ship orders that have not been paid in full.

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