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Products ZALDI are the result of a contact maintained day after day with expert riders, during the trainings, the competitions and the exhibitions, and with every customer, with the general usage of its products. Four generations ZALDI, which developed saddles and accessories. ZALDI gives users all his experience and his work. ZALDI is synonymic of tradition + technology, allying speed and work does well, the main clauses were protected from an optimal service.


ZALDI supplies a gullet gauge, a very simple and practical tool to measure the wide head your horse need. This gullet gauge is for sale on our website, please click here...

ZALDI proposes to adapt the shape of saddle panels to the shape of the back of your horse, and this for FREE. For this, you must simply provide us some pictures, bare horse, well plumb, on flat ground: front, back, profile, 3/4 front, 3/4 back and a view of the back from above the rump.

They also need the withers width and the gutter width. For more precise measurements, you can provide us with a pattern of the back of your horse in the form of drawing on sheets of paper. You can use this tool for example: a metal template to cast on the back of your horse.


WARNING! The saddle CANNOT be perfectly adpated in your horse from the beginning. It is necessary a TIME OF ADJUSTMENT from 5 to 10 hours of horsemanship, according to the model of the saddle, the horse and the rider. It is the big error that to put a new saddle on the back of a horse, all the more without girthing, and to wait for an adjustment completes from the beginning.


Guide to choose the seat size : sit down, and measure the lenght from the basis of the spine (coccyx) until the knee. This is this measure you need to choose your seat size. This is only a guide. You can choose your seat size according to your preference. 

Thigh lenght

(in cm)

Seat size

(in inches)

Until 41cm


From 42 to 46cm


From 47 to 50cm


From 51 to 54cm


From 55 to 58cm


From 59 to 61cm


More than 62cm



All the saddles ZALDI are sold naked (unless otherwise specified, in particular for saddles vaquera which are sold with belt, stirrups, leather stirrups and crupper). Overview of colors provided for information purpose only and non-contractual. The preview may vary depending on your screen settings. The actual colors may vary slightly according to the arrivals.


Considering the very big variety of saddles and miscellaneous proposed options, all the saddles are only made on order. The deadline varies between approximately 2 and 4 weeks from the reception of your payment, this time may vary according to the models. Consequently, no saddle can be either taken back or exchanged. Thank you for your patience and for your understanding. Warning: This deadline may be increased depending on the time of year, especially during the summer holidays and christmas / new year season.


Visit the website de Zaldi. If you are interested by one item of the Zaldi catalog, and than it is not on our website, please contact us!


Main features that differentiates the various models of english saddles ZALDI:

There are 3 main « families », which are declined in several models whose global features are the same, but with a few different particularities.

To see point by point the technical feature of each family and each model of saddled, please go on the product page of each saddle, you will find a complete descriptive.


The most constraining.

Platinium: wool panels.

Milenium Carlos Pinto: same model than the Platinium but with latex panels.

CP Monoquartier: same model than the Milenium Carlos Pinto, but monoflap and less constraining knee-pads.

Yarel: same model than the Milenium Carlos Pinto but not covered with gripping thin leather (more resistant to the wear but more sliding).


Halfway between the Milenium and the SanJorge.


The medium constraining.

SanJorge deep seat and SanJorge Plana half deep seat: exactly the same saddle except the depth of the seat.

Kira-Klass: same model than the SanJorge but having undergone many improvements.


The less constraining.

New Kent: wool panels. Biflap.

Super Kent: same model than the New Kent but with latex panels. Monoflap. Inside knee-pads.

Lander: same model than the Super-Kent but with outside knee-pads.

Hanover: same model than the Super Kent but made of synthetic material Z-Plus.

Karat Change: same model than the New Kent but with interchangeables gullet.

New Cont: same model than the New Kent but with extra comfort seat. Elastic 1st girth strap.

Karex: same model than the New Kent but with inside knee pads.



*** No saddle can be taken back or exchanged ***

*** We do not propose try ***

Thank you for your understanding.

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About ZALDI saddles

About ZALDI saddles

All you have to know about ZALDI saddles (colors, sizes, etc....).

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