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Welcome to the Sellerie Ibérique La Garrocha

Welcome to the Sellerie Ibérique La Garrocha

Spanish saddlery, doma vaquera, portuguese riding, working equitation, doma menorquina, classic dressage and baroque equitation. Since 2005.



New year, new logo!

4th of january 2019:

we are proud to present you our new logo.

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Saddles Pedro Lopes are handcrafted, in Portugal.

They are 100% customizable among a very wide range of options,

without extra cost!

You may chosse:

seat size, withers width, saddle ornaments,

buckles colors, leather colors (very wide range), stitching colors,

without or with knee-pad (insdie or outside; small, medieum or big),

short or long girth straps, bi-flap or mono-flap,

flaps length, customizable logo, etc, etc.

They are very high quality saddles, very well finished, very comfortable, very strong,

for a very reasonable price.

An exceptional quality-price ratio.


The Sellerie La Garrocha

is the EXCLUSIVE retailer

of Pedro Lopes brand in FRANCE.  



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May 17th, 2017:


12 years already!

Twelve years ago, from our two minds was born a dream ...

The dream of combining our passions of horses and saddlery, with our passions of History and equestrian traditions.

From this dream we made a project ...

From this project we made a company.

And this is how our company saw the light of the day for the first time on this beautiful morning of May 17, 2005.

Starting with few means but with a lot of ideas, we are proud to be able to say today that we have become an unmissable name in our specialty and that we have among our clients some of the biggest names in iberian riding, equestrian show or circus world! And today it is not one, not two, but three online shops that we are proud to be able to offer you!

While in 2005 online commerce was still in its infancy, we were the very first in France to offer a real online saddlery of equestrian show material, historical reenactment and iberian saddlery.

That was 12 years ago ...

12 years of hard work without counting our hours, but which has borne fruit.

12 years with their lots of hopes and despair, illusions and disappointments, tears and smiles. But if we were to keep only one word, it would be: passion.

12 years we are here, both of us, with you, to help you bring your dreams to life.

12 years that you are there, with us, you too.

We would like to thank you all very very warmly for the trust you have placed in us since these 12 wonderful years with you.

You without whom we would not have arrived where we are today!

Every year that passes gives us always more pleasure to practice our beautiful work that we love so much.

Happy birthday to our company!

And long live our dream!

Anne-Sophie & Thierry.

Sellerie Occitane - Sellerie La Garrocha - Héritage Militaire.



sellerie espagnole, sellerie portugaise





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sellerie espagnole, sellerie portugaise



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Sellerie Ibérique La Garrocha on Facebook



sellerie espagnole, sellerie portugaise



La Sellerie La Garrocha est née de la séparation d'activité de la Sellerie Occitane déjà très célèbre sur la toile...
En effet, afin de maintenir une certaine cohérence à notre catalogue, nous avons décidé de séparer nos activités pour plus de clarté et 
afin de pouvoir vous proposer un éventail de produits toujours plus grand! 
Ainsi la Sellerie Occitane conserve tous les produits spécifiques à la reconstitution historique et au spectacle équestre, et la partie création, 
tandis que la Sellerie La Garrocha sera une sellerie plus "conventionnelle", dédiée aux équitations ibériques, western et classique.
Les produits que vous retrouverez ici sont donc exactement les mêmes que ceux proposés avant sur la Sellerie Occitane.
Shop created in 2010 based on a french company created in 2005,
the Sellerie La Garrocha,
 you propose you a very wide selection of quality equitation tack,
 for all tastes and all budgets: 

all the traditional iberian equitation saddlery

(Spanish, Portuguese, doma vaquera and doma menorquina),

but also of the barock & classical saddlery...


All the horse tack:

saddles, weymouth bridles, snaffle bridles, breastplates, breastcollars, bits, stirrups, saddle pads....

All the rider tack:

hats, jackets, pants, skirt-pants, shoes, chaps and half-chaps, spurs...


portuguese saddlery


spanish andalusian saddlery, portuguese lusitano saddlery


Rider since 1995 and owner of Iberian horses since 2004,
holder of the french diploma of equestrian tourism escort (ATE) since 2002,
I practice dressage, equestrian show and traditional working equitation.
I created this company in 2005, and since then I have been your sole contact.
I put my passion, my knowledge and my experience
at your disposal to advise you and guide you in your choices.
I am constantly looking for new suppliers
to offer you an ever greater range of products,
but always of excellent quality and at the best prices!
Do not hesitate to ask me if you are looking for a product that is not in our catalog,
maybe I can get it for you!



Have a good visit!




andalusian saddlery


iberian equitation, andalusian equitation, spanish equitation, portuguese equitation, bullfighting equitation, doma vaquera


iberian saddlery


iberian, spanish, andalusian, portuguese, lusitano, doma baquera and doma menorquina weymouth and snaffle bridles.

Retailer of the brands:

Ariat, Artesania Pons Oliver Hats, Crin Blanca, Dafna, Haf Equitation, Happy Mouth Bits, Ky Rotary Bits, Lami-Cell, Lexhis, Lincoln, Marjoman, Mehis, Pedro Lopes, Rambo Horseware, Roldan, Sefton, Ubaldo, Valverde del Camino, Waldhausen, Zaldi...

Ubaldo, manufacturer of traditional Iberian riding clothes Selles portugaises Pedro Lopes selles ibériques et classiques Zaldi Marjoman: selle ibérique et classique; Alta Escuela, Ronda, portugaise à piquer, portugaises Relvas, Doma Vaquera...Valverde Del Camino, craft manufacturing of Spanish riding leather boots 

spanish saddle, portuguese saddle LUDOMAR


Visit the website of our other online saddlery, the Sellerie Occitane:

Sellerie Occitane, spécialiste de la reconstitution historique et du spectacle équestre


Come to discover our online shop Héritage Militaire:

Héritage Militaire, reproduction d'uniformes et d'accessoires militaires historiques.

 Iberian saddlery, spanish saddlery, portuguese saddlery, iberian saddle, spanish saddle, portuguese saddle, working equitation, spanish riding, portuguese riding.

Our website of equestrian show:
Cheval de bataille






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